by The Shy Seasons

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released April 10, 2012

Vocals: Keenan Olsen, Chad Miner
Guitars: Jesse Blair, Keenan Olsen
Bass: Chad Miner
Drums: Zach Habbestad
Percussion: Zach Habbestad, Keenan Olsen

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by The Shy Seasons, Mike Rosenfeld, Tyler Stephens



all rights reserved
Track Name: Socialite
Heaven knows that I'm a socialite
So why do I feel so alone tonight?
When I say we'll meet again
I just pray that you miss me by then
Track Name: All In A Day's Work
Hey man, how's it been, what's happenin'
Is your future bright on your horizon?
Are you keeping it together?
I'm trying to keep it all together
Baby, can I stand by you
Without ever having to give you away?
Brother, can I lean on you
Before this burden gets too big to bear
What's your color, what is your number?
Maybe it don't matter
Were you born with a silver spoon
Or on a silver platter?
I said one man's disease is another man's desire
Oh, I've heard that it's all in a days work
Waiting for that release
Track Name: Static Hearts
Something's always coming up
Something's always going around
It seems that I'm always tripping over you
It seems your always falling down
She turned me on and put me on repeat
I'm motionless but I'm alive
I've never loved, but I've never tried
I'm painting pictures for my static hearts
When tigers come and tear me all apart
I won't take a step backwards, and I can't hear unspoken words
Be my static noise, I'll be your listener
Track Name: Sharper Than Most
Maybe it's just a theory
Am I a little darker than you
And you shouldn't get near me
Am I a little sharper than you
And the secret's revealed
It's kill or be killed
But the secret's concealed
It's thrill or be killed
And maybe it's just a theory
But I'm a little sharper than most
And you shouldn't get near me
Cuz I'm a little darker than most
Track Name: Slow
Dead center, right between the eyes
My matador wins an unforgivable prize
Dueling with a lower-case capitalist
And I haven't found a star that will grant my wishes yet
But you slow me down
A cigarette and a glass of red
And we're dancing in my bed
The silhouette had it better said
Those colors that you painted in my head
Dead center, looked you straight in the eyes
And I stated all the obvious, but you looked surprised
With your lying litigators and negative navigators
But I'm alright as long as I get to see you later
Cuz you slow me down
Slow me down when I'm burning out
Wake me up and tell me how my dreams have turned out
Slow me down when I'm burning out
Or running out on you
Track Name: Campfire Song
Ride your little bike by my house again
I'll invite you in
I'd like to see you come see me
And we'll find that place again
Trying to write my hidden emotions
On my face so you can see
Trying to look behind your eyes
To see if I see me
How come home doesn't feel like home?
How come my home doesn't feel like I'm home?
Ask a question with no purpose
Staying quiet because you're nervous
If I open up my mind to you
Will you throw it away, or will you think it through
Cuz I got a lot inside my head
When you say there's nothing left to be said
Whether or not you think it's true
I wanna say it all
To you
Baby you're such a sight for sore eyes
Track Name: My Separate
Walls are crawling with
Memories of wasted time
When all I look around to see
Are all the things I haven't tried
Life's always separating from me
When the fire of our youth
Decides to close it's eyes to what we disagree on
When the water comes
To separate you from me
And our alibis
And lies designed to keep us secretly unsatisfied
When even though we got something to live for
We've got no good reason to die
Is there a place for you and me
Where sun and moon forever meet?
A life to give, a soul to keep
On different ends of dead-end streets
Social gaps must collapse
Free at last
Track Name: The Curtains
The poet is wordless
As the actress takes a bow
The curtain, it closes
Show's all over now
Hey there
Who ya hiding from?
Ain't you a victim of
Cause and affection?
Changing your name and playing their games
At masquerades
Oh sugarcane, oh sugarcane
Never tasted quite as sweet
Man, nothing is
I'll hide inside of my quiet life
With nothing to hide
I'll die inside of this quiet life
With nothing to hide
Because I gave it away
Track Name: 12 Is A Dozen, Not 14
I hope this is a sign from the dream god
Myriad of issues, one being that your counting's odd
Blowing smoke and playing with quicksilver
You can sing, can't you, but you don't deliver
I hope this will be the chance I don't miss
12 is a dozen not 14, but you should know this
I know this will be the chance I won't miss
Track Name: bloom*
Plant your love
Watch it grow
Give me son
Let me go
Plant your love
It will bloom
But it wilts
Much too soon